The Rolling English Company

Website content writing

Good writing and editing is part of great design. In a newspaper, the intro is the hook that pulls you into the story. On a website, it’s the perfect fusion between good writing and great design on the home page which lures you into the rest of the site. Dull home pages with wordy copy will frighten off your potential clients and readers.

Here at The Rolling English company we can work closely with your web designer to ensure your website is written in plain English – and – is up-to-the-minute and informative as well as appealing.

Journalists use the inverted pyramid to write. The important facts should be in the first three paragraphs. The rest comes later. After all, most of us only read the headline or title and the first few paragraphs of any piece of writing. And some of us only read the headlines.

That well-used pyramid should also be free of acronyms and jargon otherwise your audience will feel alienated. And once you’ve got your clean copy, you need to edit to make it shine. Is your website content up to scratch?