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A woman, without her man, is nothing A woman: without her, man is nothing

Here at The Rolling English Company we make sure your copy is rocking and a rolling. As we like to say, rolling copy gathers no gobbledegook. Or in plain English – we can make your copy fluent, rich and smooth. At The Rolling English Company we can provide all your writing and editing needs. We can write a feature for your newspaper or magazine, write your press releases and draft pages for your website. We can also proofread your documents and recommend how a dull report should be written in colourful English. We can turn any of your written words and stories into a highly polished, professional piece of work.

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The wrong message can be catastrophic

Let’s eat Grandma! Let’s eat, Grandma!

We deliver first-rate copy – and, as a bonus, we guarantee that all our professional, working relationships will be developed with an essential ingredient – a sense of humour.

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Don’t fall into the trap of cutting editing and proofreading to save money or this could happen to you...

Even God makes mistakes

Baptist Church Sign: God does not make misteaks
Sign: Shoplifters will be prostituted
Sign: Executive Bored Room
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We analyse the detail, watch out for those cheeky, missing apostrophes, fix the spelling mistakes and cut 20 words into 10.

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Our rolling hills inspire rolling copy

We take our inspiration from the countryside around our office – the beautiful rolling hills of the North York Moors National Park – and the English writers and cartoonists around the world who make our language such a constant delight.

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