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English speakers worldwide

Posted 23 April 2024 in The Wonders of English.

There are 1,500 million English speakers worldwide. The next largest groups are Chinese (1,100 million), Hindi (650 million) and Spanish (420 million). In many other countries, although English many not be an official language, it is a common second language.

The top three languages on the internet are English (537 million), Chinese (445 million) and Spanish (153 million).


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Posted 23 April 2024 in The Wonders of English.

A few Shakespearian insults you might want to try out!

  • fellow of infinite tongue
  • half-face
  • half-penny purse of wit
  • instrument of darkness
  • a most devout coward
  • taffeta punk
  • cream-faced loon
  • man of wax
  • whining mammet (doll or puppet)

“Shakespeare is studied in school by over 50% of the world’s population. No other creative figure from history is studied by more than 1% or 2%. He is the UK’s greatest ambassador abroad and one of the country’s most important soft power assets.”
The British Council

Twenty often misspelled words in English

Posted 23 April 2024 in The Wonders of English.

  1. accommodate
  2. believe
  3. committed
  4. definite
  5. embarrass
  6. foreign
  7. gauge
  8. harass
  9. independent
  10. judgment
  11. kernel (colonel)
  12. library
  13. manoeuvre
  14. noticeable
  15. occasionally
  16. publicly
  17. questionnaire
  18. receive
  19. separate
  20. their/they’re/there

Word Cloud

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Shoplifters beware!

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